About us

Who we are

StructArt Ltd. is a Bulgarian civil engineering company specialized in residential construction that is actively operating for more than 20 years now.

The company specializes in the high-rise construction of public, administrative, industrial and residential buildings, hotel complexes, as well as landscaping projects with adjacent infrastructure.

We at StructArt Ltd. work hard to improve the quality of our services by introducing new technologies in construction, using modern construction systems and mechanization, improving the skills of the team and employees. We provide the required safe and healthy working conditions in the construction process.

Understanding of how a construction project should be designed and executed – ensuring that the newly built structure will be both usable and with outstanding interior and exterior. In our work we are committed to building residential buildings and all types of structures that combine top-of-the-edge technology in civil engineering and uncompromising design and quality.


Our story

The company was created by professional engineers with many years of diverse experience in every field of the construction business. We are currently investing in our own projects in residential construction of buildings that we design and execute their construction.

Our company has grown sharply from a small subcontractor company performing only parts of the construction process to an all-round civil engineering company that plans and executes all of the construction stages.

Over the years, StructArt Ltd. has successfully completed over 30 sites across the country with over 200,000 square meters of gross floor area.


StructArt’s mission has always been the same: to design and execute construction projects with the highest ROI given high requirements for quality and esthetics of our buildings.


Our vision is to assure continuity and sustainable growth of our national and international construction works, as continuity is a must in the vision of our founders who want their constructions and work to be remembered and to serve as a presentation of our collective understanding of the word “quality” – a word so outspoken in the construction sector.

Core values

Our values represent the main pillars for our internal requirement before entering into a business relationship with any of our investors or subcontractors:

Our team

StructArt has a team of professional engineers, legal advisors, economists and administrative personnel that has been working together since the inauguration of the company. This helped us shape our specific approach when working on the different stages of the construction process.

The core figures in our company are Engineer Nikolay Kolev and Engineer Nikolay Yanev – owners, managing directors and main engineers of StructArt Ltd.

Dipl. Eng. Nikolay Kolev

Mr. Nikolay Kolev is an engineer holding a diploma in Transportation Engineering from the most awarded University for Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy in Bulgaria – UACEG. He is leading all of StructArt’s construction and business projects at the highest level.

Dipl. Eng. Nikolay Yanev

Mr. Yanev is an engineer holding a diploma in Civil Engineering from the most awarded University for Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy in Bulgaria – UACEG. Mr. Nikolay Yanev joined Mr. Nikolay Kolev to extend the Palada Consult Ltd. company (the first name of StructArt Ltd.) and together they placed the foundations of what StructArt Ltd. is today. Mr. Yanev is the general manager of the company and leads all of the activities of the company.

Dipl. Eng. Ani Taneva

Mrs. Ani Taneva is our senior engineer and she is responsible for the precise execution of all operational and financial matters, as well as providing all of our construction sites with the necessary supplies and materials timely. Mrs. Ani Taneva is also managing all of the premises that we give for renting.

Yancho Kolev

Yancho Kolev is StructArt’s all-round business development manager who is managing our relations and negotiations with business partners, international suppliers and international business partners as well as managing our Financial Statements Analysis, Sales, and Human Resources. He holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration (Financial Management) from the University Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, Spain) and Chulalongkorn University (Bangkok, Thailand). He also has experience as a forensic investigator.


We believe that great projects are the final result of the collective efforts and knowledge of partnerships. For a partnership to be productive and beneficial, we think that transparency and competency must meet. This is why in this section we are proud to present to you our partners, with whom we are building strong and long-lasting relations that are one of the main drivers of our shared success.


Here are some of the references we have received from our investors or other companies that we have worked with on construction projects. This is yet another recognition of our professionalism and transparency to our clients and partners.


For a project to be professionally and successfully designed and executed, we believe that everything starts with selecting and uniting a highly competent and motivated team of professionals. This is why, our company has few, but very motivated, productive and experienced employees, who add great value to each project and contribute to the longevity of StructArt even at difficult economic situations throughout the whole country of Bulgaria.


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